Music has been a part of my life since I was very young. Whether it was the ubiquitous hum of a record or radio station being played at home, or a younger me experimenting with sounds, noises, songs, and instruments.

I enjoy listening to music, writing about music, playing music, and helping others to discover new music. Music has the potential to be a positive force for social change, influence mental health and wellbeing, and provide a nexus for intercultural communication. It is powerful and real, and can evoke emotions and memories that hold long and deep associations with the events of our lives.

This is why the most important events in life are accompanied by music. Think weddings, funerals, first dances, first kiss, and other life events, and now imagine them without music. Weird…. Please enjoy my music and my musings on the music of others. I hope there is something in here that resonates with you.

An essay outlining why The Smashing Pumpkins' 'Siamese Dream' is an album that changed my life – from a series
An essay outlining why Counting Crows' 'August and Everything After' is an album that changed my life - from a
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